New Homeowners

Thank you for being part of a great community. 
  • The development is over 28 years old, 144 homes with some rentals.
  • There are 2 retention ponds & kid's play lot.
  • Avonlea Park is owned & maintained by the City of Lacey.
Avonlea is under government of the Avonlea Homeowners's Association.
  • The HOA is incorporated, State of WA, County of Thurston, City of Lacey.
  • Documents that control the HOA are CC&Rs, Bylaws, and Others.
  • Avonlea is not currently governed by a property management company.
  • New homeowners are Members of the Avonlea HOA by deed.
  • All Members must initially register to sign-in
  • Then can pay dues, access secure areas & view vital documents.
  • Entering your email acknowledges consent to receive notices by email, per RCW 64.38.035(2)c.

The CONTACTS page has general information and UTILITY companies.
Public References: HomeWelcome, Contact, Current Notices

Private HOA References: HOA Financials, Documents & Forms

The dues are currently $199.50.
Payment can be made through the website payment portal or by mail.

  • Avonlea Homeowners' Association 
  • PO Box 3088 Lacey, WA 98509
Annual dues are due January 1st. 
Late fee is 10% compounded per year after 30 days.

Non-compliance WILL result in a Fine and Property Lien filed with Thurston County which is no less than $400 and charged to the Member.

Claims of Lien will only be lifted, when dues & fines are paid in full and all ACC violations resolved. 
Members and their tenants are to maintain uniformity & property values.
Compliance is mandatory to the HOA per deed. Any lot or house exterior must comply with the CC&Rs and regulatory codes. All changes must be approved by the ACC (Architectural Control Committee). Non-compliance may result in an alert, warning, fine and property lien.
An Aesthetics Checklist may be used to assist in compliance and Claims of Lien are filed with Thurston County. Complete a property modification request for changes to landscape, paint, fencing, roof, trim, walkways, driveways, or any other exterior elements of the realty or property. 
Please allow 30-days for the Board to review your modification. 
Avonlea Homeowners' Association
PO Box 3088 Lacey, WA 98509
Contact:  e-Form  /  Email 
No personal phone numbers are published.