Tenants / Renters

There are many rentals & non-owner occupied homes in Avonlea, whose residents share in the benefits and privileges.
Renters have the right to use the Common grounds. All tenants can serve on the Board of Directors, except for President and VP. Renters can vote on Board committees, like on the ACC but not for any ballots or elections.
The Homeowner (Member) or their management company MUST provide a copy of the Association Covenants to all tenants as are subject to the same rules, for which the landlords are held responsible. Privileges can be revoked if not in good standing.
The Association has no right to enter into the rental contract, although would appreciate verbiage putting the tenant on notice and acknowledgment that the Landlord has provided them with the CC&Rs.
We honor our military and thank them for their service. The close proximity to JBLM (Joint Base Lewis McChord) affords the Association easy access to Command when necessary. 
Landlords and tenants are requested to provide the names and contact numbers, as are at times the only direct contact between the household and the Board.
You can do this electronically by eForm or Email.
CC&R's (Covenants Conditions & Restrictions, govern the Members)
Bylaws (Govern the Board of Directors)
Please refer to the Washington Tenant-Landlord Act for more information RCW 59:18
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