Current Notices

The Architectural Control Committee Committee will be resuming reviews per the Aesthetics Checklist for alerts, warnings, and fines for liens. Please do all you can to keep Avonlea well-maintained and property values secured. 
No boats or trailers on public rights of way more than 48 hours. No boats are allowed to be stationed on anyone's property as detracts from the neighborhood topography, harmony, and aesthetics. No camping trailers or motorhomes used as a residence will be allowed at any time. No precedent to create Avonlea into an RV park or marina will be permitted.
No disabled vehicles are allowed except for prompt repairs. Any oil or other contamination must be reported to the City, as recorded by the EPA. Avonlea's street drains go directly into the Retention Ponds, Chehalis Trail ditch then Chamber's Lake, not the City system
Keep the new street trees and planter strips watered on scheduled days. Mow, edge, and water lawns regularly to avoid a violation of the CC&Rs.
Be mindful of the Lacey noise ordinance LMC 9.24.080 which prohibits sound of, "loudness, frequency, duration, or unreasonable time of the day as to unreasonably disturb the peace."
Keep the new street trees and planter strips watered on scheduled days. Street trees are required per City Ordinance and replacement may be the OWNER's expense. 
The Architectural Control Committee will be resuming property inspections for any areas of concern. Expect alerts, warnings, and fines for liens. Please do all you can to keep Avonlea well-maintained and property values secured. 
Basketball Hoops      
Avonlea (field by the river edge) strives to be a peaceful and safe neighborhood for all including those with varying work schedules and families. Please be mindful of excess noise and kids darting out into the street, especially by basketball hoops.
These hoops are illegal on the street "if" present an obstruction in the public rights of way for moving or parked vehicles. They have blown down in strong winds and can be a danger to both kids and cars per an NCHRP study.
It is preferable they be on one's property or utilize the basketball hoops at Avonlea Park with proper supervision. Thank you for making Avonlea a pleasant place to live for all residents. 
Helpful Links: 

School bus safety rules for motorists
Avonlea has received a report of drivers not yielding to school busses. The speed limit in Avonlea is 25 miles per hour and drivers must obey all traffic laws. Residents are strongly advised to contact the police and provide the bus driver with the license plate of violators as can file a separate report with law enforcement per RCW 46.61.372. Fines for drivers ignoring school bus red lights are $400 or more. See also RCW 46.61.370. Although the development has been here since 1994, rentals make up about 28% and many are from different areas with varying traffic rules.
Washington State
Student transportation laws are governed by RCW 28a.160, Student Transportation, and RCW 46.61, Rules of the Road.
Same Direction
All motorists traveling in the same direction as a school bus must stop when the bus’ stop sign “paddle” is extended and its red lights are flashing.
Opposite Direction
Drivers traveling in the opposite direction must stop on two-lane roads but not if the roadway has three or more lanes, including turn lanes.
Flashing red lights, a retractable red “STOP” paddle, and a crossing arm in front of the bus signal that the bus is either loading or unloading students. 
Yellow flashing lights on the front and back indicate a bus is about to stop to load or unload students, so motorists should slow down and be prepared to stop.
As a general rule, a driver should not get any closer than 20 feet to a school bus that has stopped with red lights flashing and only proceed once the lights stop flashing and safe to do so.
Two-lane road 
If a school bus comes to a stop on a two-lane road where there is one lane of traffic moving in each direction, traffic behind the bus and motorists traveling in the opposite direction must both stop. 
Three-lane road
On three-lane roads, where there is one lane of traffic moving in each direction and a center turn lane, the vehicles behind the bus and those in the turn lane traveling the same direction as the bus must stop. Vehicles traveling in the opposite direction can continue without stopping, including a vehicle in the center turn lane that is turning in front of the bus.
Four-lane road
When a roadway has four or more lanes with at least two of the lanes going in the opposite direction, only the vehicles in lanes traveling the same direction as the school bus need to stop for the red flashing school bus lights. For example, if a bus is stopped on Meridian Street in the right lane on the way up the hill, all vehicles traveling in the same direction behind it, both in the same lane as the bus and in the adjacent lane immediately next to the bus, must stop. Motorists driving down the hill in the opposite direction of the bus do not need to stop but should proceed with caution.
Usually the 1st or 2nd weekend in August, 8am to 5pm 
After putting flyers on all 144 homes, publishing on the net and putting up signs, 9 homes participated in 2023, only 6 in 2022, although had as high as 14 in years past. 
No permits are needed but no more than 4 are allowed per year. Signs are permitted on the property but not on the sidewalk or street.
Signs must be removed after the sale. Fire, police, health or other officials must have access for inspection at all times. See Lacey Municipal Code 5.34. 


  1. Yard sale prices vary depending on items.
    - Worn clothes & trinkets may be 5-10% of retail.
    - Other used items are usually 10-20%.
    - Brand new items are typically 30-40%.
    - Some have an area for "free items."
  2. Don't let go of antiques too quickly, check with experts.
  3. Be ready to make change, dollars and coins, (out of sight).
  4. Space out items to allow for wheelchair & foot traffic.
  5. Have someone else watch if you become occupied. Secure doors.
  6. Separate items in groups of the same price, this will save on price tags.
  7. People like to offer what's in their pocket. Consider a "worth keeping" price.
  8. Some buy in bulk, like books or clothes. Have a "firm" price in mind.
  9. Have a few bags in case someone buys lots of small items.
  10. Remember to stay hydrated, protected & shaded. 
    Parasols and sun-hats are fun!
As we near Independence Day, there will be unlawful discharges of fireworks throughout the City.
This year, some Avonlea residents participated in discharging fireworks. 
Avonlea has hired a Security Company in the past, and may again next year, to monitor and report violators in Avonlea to the police. 
In Lacey, it is an infraction for any person to discharge consumer fireworks. It is a misdemeanor if used in a reckless manner to cause any property damage, substantial harm or serious risk of death.
Under Lacey Municipal Code 9.20.046, it is also a misdemeanor to leave fireworks or rubbish to create a fire nuisance and simply possessing any fireworks under RCW 70.77 without an authorized License is a misdemeanor
It is recommended one go to the local authorized fireworks displays rather than risk violating the law. 
The HOA is getting reports of an increased amount of critters
Opossum have always been a problem since the development began. Now rabbits that arrived from other neighborhoods have given way to rats and raccoons.
PLEASE make efforts to not invite these critters onto your property by leaving food out or feeding them.
Although we can appreciate the desire to help them, the damage they cause to land and property is outweighed by the danger of disease and harm to domestic animals.
Thank you for your consideration.
Annual dues will remain $199.50 due 01/01/2023. 
The Board agreed to not increase it by the typical 5%. 
The late fee is 10% after 30 days and lien may be applied.
Please contact the Board if any concerns.
Where does my dues go - Link.
Please pay through the website portal, once invoice is added.
If sending by mail, we need the Member name, address and lot#.
Payable to: Avonlea Homeowners' Association
                     PO Box 3088 Lacey, WA 98509
Thank you. 
Lacey Response & Snow Plow Routes
Lacey Public Works (360) 491-5600
Please do not attach any notices to the mailboxes!
We sympathize with those in heartbreaking situations.
Tape damage requires repainting, charged to Members.
Signs were found torn off mailboxes and thrown into street traffic.
Mailboxes were vandalized on the same occasion on Ingleside Way.
A Police Report was filed and USPS consulted as is a Federal crime. 
These signs are very expensive which affects Member dues. 
> Posting is regulated under USPS Sect 508.3.1.3 and HOA.
> Please report any vandalism to the HOA and Lacey Police. 
Thank you.
     T'was the time before Christmas, and all through the town,
     People were wondering, when Santa'd be around,
     Then came a response, from Fire District Three,
     On the brink of Christmas, he'd arrive in Avonlea.
Link to Fire District 3 -
Link to where Santa is -!santamobile

- EXCEPT for charcoal, propane, or natural gas BARBEQUE.
- Notice from Lacey Fire District 3 (07/15/2022)

 - Avonlea is within the City of Lacey.
 - Avonlea is NOT in an Urban Growth Area (UGA).
 - Zoning is Low Density, 3-6 Units Per Acre of single-family residences (LD 3-6).
 - FIRE PITS of any kind have been BANNED for over 10 years.
 - Vegetation or refuge burning is never allowed.  
 - Permits are allowed for UGAs.
The Fire Safety Burn Ban remains in effect through September 30, 2023.
Thurston County lift bans on Recreational Fires
Changes begin October 1, 2023
From the Thurston County Fire Marshal - September 25, 2023
The Thurston County Fire Marshal, in consultation with the interim county manager, and in alignment with Washington State Department of Natural Resources, has determined current weather conditions within the county are now amenable to allow for recreational fires in Thurston County. 
Campfires, recreational fires, and charcoal briquettes are now allowed if used on, or surrounded by, non-combustible surfaces like concrete or a fire ring. 
Cooking stoves, barbeques, and recreational fire pits fueled by propane or gas with a shutoff valve are also authorized. 
The Fire Safety Burn Ban continues to apply to residential yard waste burning and all land clearing burns. 
The restrictions on outdoor burning during the summer have resulted in a significant drop in brush fires and property damage each of the past several years, according to fire officials. 
The Fire Safety Burn Ban remains in effect through September 30, 2023.
> The City of Lacey paid to have street trees installed (12/16/2022).
> This complies with a City Ordinance after the prior trees damaged sidewalks. 
> Please guard them against any damage if possible. 
> Its also important to maintain yards, even in Fall & Winter. 
> Remove any debris from street drains that drain into our Retention Ponds. 
> Please see this form for more information: Aesthetics Checklist
The new trees replaced by the City are "Persian Ironwood." Not to be confused with the multistemmed schrub, this single trunk, deciduous tree which seasonally loses its leaves, grows 25-30 feet (some 15-40 feet), typically 10 feet after 7-8 years and a canopy spred of 10-20 feet, It is common as a park or street tree and survives in lightly acidic or alkaline clay soil, low to medium moisture and tolerates air pollution, drought, sun and shade. It is virtually pest and disease free. 
The species is "Parrotia Pesica, Vanessa," the botanical name is Hamamelidaceae or Witch Hazel. It comes from Iran's Caspian or Dəmirağacı region. It is named after German naturalist George Friedrich Parrot and botonized in an 1830's expedition. The leaves bloom in March, tinged in purple, then turn lustrous green in summer before various shades of yellow, orange and red in fall. The bark exfoliates to patches of green, tan and white which may cause some debris. 

The trees will work well for Avonlea residents as will require low low maintenance or pruning and watering, which is why the City chose to install them now during the winter rains. 
> The neighborhood has new grass in the strips.
> Members are responsible for maintenance and watering. 
> The City will not be replacing grass or trees again.
WATERING SCHEDULE - City of Lacey Ordinance
> The Odd/Even schedule runs from June to September, every year.
> Address ending in an odd #, 1,3,5,7,9,
   water Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.
> Address ending in an even #, 2,4,6,8,0,
   water Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays.
> No watering on Friday.
Outdoor potted plants and hanging baskets
Plants growing inside of greenhouses
Public facilities & playfields
Washing of vehicles
Pressure washing
Exemptions - require City variance approval:
New lawn, sod, or seed
New trees and shrubs
Irrigation of water on both sides of the street at the same time
First violation is a warning.
2nd violation is a notice.
3rd violation is a $125 fine.
4th violation is a $250 fine & water service is discontinued.
Water Resources, (360) 491-5600
> Remove your mail DAILY from mailboxes if possible. 
> Report suspicious people and vehicle plates to police.
> Please use your existing account to update info or pay dues.
> Thank you.
On Monday, March 7, 2022
> Contractors removed the damaged playground equipment and kiosk.
> Replacement playground equipt will be installed at a later time.
> The Tot Lot is part of the HOA Commons for the privileged use of Residents.
> Please use the Tot Lot with care and safety. Thank you.
The children's play equipment in the Tot Lot is 28 years old and in need of replacement.
The lot is 50'x115' and the equipment is within a 30'x30' graveled section. 
The HOA has repaired it many times but is now considered unsafe and has liability exposure.
> Please mow and edge regularly. (See Aesthetics Checklist)
> Best to mow every 1 to 2 weeks, cutting off 1/3 of the blade top, leaving 1½" to 2½".
> Thank you for doing your part to keep Avonlea beautiful.
Section 2. No noxious or offensive activity
  • shall be conducted on any Lot,
  • nor shall anything be done or maintained on the Property
  • which may become an activity or condition which unreasonably interferes
  • with the rights this Declaration gives other Owners to use and enjoy any part of the Property.
No activity or condition
  • shall be conducted or maintained
  • on any part of the Property which
  • detracts from the value of the Property as a residential community.
No untidy or unsightly condition
  • shall be maintained on any property.
  • Untidy conditions shall include, but are not limited to,
  • publicly visible storage of wood,
  • disabled vehicles of any kind whatsoever, and
  • landscaping which is not properly maintained.
Section 8. Landscaping Requirements.
  • Landscaping shall follow the theme and minimum amounts of vegetative improvements
  • established in the "Typical Lot Landscaping Plan"
  • on file with Barghausen Consulting Engineers, Inc., Kent, Washington,
  • a reduced copy of which is hereby attached as Addendum "C" to this Declaration.
The front and side yards of the individual lot shall be completely landscaped
  • before occupancy by the owner/builder and
  • will be inspected by a representative of the Committee before the release of any deposit.
Landscaping shall include all planter strips
  • in the adjacent public street rights of way
  • out to the edge of the curb in the public street.
Each Lot Owner shall be responsible for installing grass and street trees
  • by the "Typical Lot Landscaping Plan"
  • in the planter strips and
  • maintaining said landscape improvements.
FINES - per RCW 64.38.020 Association powers
  • Section 2 Noxious & Offensive Activity, untidy conditions:
    • Untidy condition, visible storage of debris $25
    • Landscape improperly maintained $25
  • Section 8 Landscaping per Typical Lot Landscape Plan:
    • Insufficient or improper vegetation/plants/trees $25
  • A sequential warning, notice, and lien may follow any failure to comply.
  • Please see the Aesthetics Checklist for other requirements
9.52.010 Nuisances declared.

The following conditions act, omissions, and activities are declared to be harmful to the health, safety, peace, comfort, or welfare
of the citizens of the city and to constitute public nuisances:
  • F. The existence of dry grass, weeds, shrubs, trees, or other vegetation on the property
    • which because of its height or density
    • constitutes a fire hazard
    • or which overhangs any sidewalk, street,
    • or abutting property in such a manner to obstruct or impair the free and full passage
    • along said sidewalk or street or the use of said abutting property;
  • Chapter 14.40 LMC – Misdemeanor If Already Warned By Police
Some members received a letter from a conscientious resident regarding the Nextdoor App. 
This app is a site for social sharing of alerts and events within a given neighborhood. If you were like me, I thought it was from the Avonlea HOA or the Board of Directors. After contacting all Board Officers, it was confirmed this was not generated by the HOA.
As with Facebook and Amazon/Ring Neighbors, Nextdoor is not managed by nor represents the Avonlea Homeowners' Association Corporation, although they all appear beneficial for residents and communities. Click the hyperlinks for more information. 
Thank you. 
Avonlea is NOT under a Property Management Company due to the generosity of current volunteers. Our Bylaws give authority to a Board to hire a management company to supervise the Association. Avonlea had been managed by several property managers, RES-COM Properties, HOMETOWN Property Management, and VANTAGE Community Management. They managed membership, accounting, compliance, and violations, sometimes through attorneys. Our residents must volunteer their time to avoid increasing dues to cover these expenses. 
Please contact the Board to volunteer: e-Form / Email
Your time to serve as a volunteer is essential and appreciated.