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AVONLEA HOA Board of Directors
President - Oscar Becerra
Secretary / Treasurer - Jason Hughes
ACC Facilities Manager - Mellissa Hughes
  • Avonlea isn't under a management company.
  • HOA doesn't manage any social media sites. 
  • Volunteers appreciated, please contact us.
The Board will soon begin Member Board Meetings by ZOOM. More to follow.
The HOA is currently conducting business virtually and by email. Proceedings, updates, and minutes are posted on the website under Member Documents.
Avonlea Homeowners' Association
PO Box 3088 Olympia, WA 98509
As we near Independence Day, there will be unlawful discharges of fireworks throughout the City.
Last year, some Avonlea residents participated in discharging fireworks. 
Avonlea has hired a Security Company in the past, and may again in the future, to monitor and report violators in Avonlea to the police. 
In Lacey, it is an infraction for any person to discharge consumer fireworks. But...
It is a misdemeanor if used in a reckless manner to cause any property damage, substantial harm or serious risk of death.
Under Lacey Municipal Code 9.20.046, it is also a misdemeanor to leave fireworks or rubbish to create a fire nuisance.
Simply possessing any fireworks under RCW 70.77 without an authorized License is a misdemeanor
It is recommended one go to the local authorized fireworks displays rather than risk violating the law. 
The mailboxes on Ingleside Way were hit by a car & 3 of 4 boxes were knocked down. 
The HOA worked with a contractor & the post office to install new boxes & restored mail service. Key distribution has ended.
Please contact the HOA if you need further assistance. 
The post office regularly misdirects mail. Please look at each piece of mail and return to the post office any mail not for your address.
These boxes were previously broken into in 2018 & vandalized in 2022, when signs were torn off & boxes dented. 
Those suspects were never caught although police & the post office recorded the incidents. 
Do Not Feed The Animals
The HOA received reports of an increased amount of critters. Opossum have always been a problem since the development began. Now rabbits that arrived from other neighborhoods have given way to rats and raccoons, attracted by food left out. 
Although we can appreciate the desire to help them, the damage they cause to land and property is outweighed by the danger of disease and harm to domestic animals. Thank you for your consideration.

Thurston County lifts ban on Recreational Fires
Changes begin October 1, 2023
From the Thurston County Fire Marshal - September 25, 2023
The Thurston County Fire Marshal, in consultation with the interim county manager, and in alignment with Washington State Department of Natural Resources, has determined current weather conditions within the county are now amenable to allow for recreational fires in Thurston County. 
Campfires, recreational fires, and charcoal briquettes are now allowed if used on, or surrounded by, non-combustible surfaces like concrete or a fire ring. 
Cooking stoves, barbeques, and recreational fire pits fueled by propane or gas with a shutoff valve are also authorized. 
The Fire Safety Burn Ban continues to apply to residential yard waste burning and all land clearing burns. 
The restrictions on outdoor burning during the summer have resulted in a significant drop in brush fires and property damage each of the past several years, according to fire officials.
The Fire Safety Burn Ban remains in effect through September 30, 2023.

Please do not park close to the mailboxes
We need to allow USPS and mail recipients enough room to approach and pull away. USPS requires a minimum of 30 feet, 15 feet on each side. If blocked, the carrier has the right to stop delivery, causing mail pick up at the local post office. 
Contractors removed the damaged playground equipment and kiosk. Replacement playground equipment will be installed at a later time. The Tot Lot is part of the HOA Commons for the privileged use of Residents. Please use the Tot Lot with care and safety. Thank you.
Homeowners are mandated by deed to comply with the CC&Rs (Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Covenants, Declaratons) and other documents. 
The HOA is governed by an elected Board of Directors, authorized to maintain harmonious typography and securing property values.
Changes to the realty, lot or home exterior must be in accordance with all governing documents, and approved by the ACC (Architectural Control Committee) governed by the Facilities Manager. Reversal of changes is the owner’s expense. 
Non-compliance to the HOA or other government regulations may result in an Alert, Warning, Fine and Property Lien filed with Thurston County which is no less than $400 and charged to the Member.
Landlords are responsible for any violations of Tenants, Residents and Renters. City, County or State approval does not negate the authority of the HOA, unless the regulation is more restrictive.

All lot changes covered under the CC&Rs, must be submitted to the ACC for approval. Allow 30-days for the Board to review your modification. 
Please refer to the following resources for more information: 
Lawns awake around February from being dormant.
  • Grass goes dormant around October when the ground stays cold -55d. 
  • Best to start mowing when you see new green sprouts.
  • Start & End cuts high, about 3", shorter Spring to Fall. 
  • If you need to re-seed, use only Pacific Northwest mixes.
  • Watering & fertilization are vital, especially in Summer.
Spred fertilizer sparingly, as can burn a lawn. 
Never apply fertilizer in Winter or when grass goes dormantUse fertilizer with good N-P-K ratio (Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium).

Best is high Nitrogen, low Phosphorous and mid Potassium. Examples: 20-5-10 Spring, 10-0-4 - 15-0-8 Summer, 20-8-8 - 13-25-12 Fall.
  • Nitrogen for strong leaf growth and roots. 
  • Phosphorous for density and spred of blades. 
  • Potassium for good nutrition, like a vitamin for healthy lawns.
A good supplement is Iron to green up grass, in sparing fashion. Use when grass is yellow or brown, exposed patches, or uneven. Iron will stain, avoid sidewalks and driveways. 

Watch out for mixes like Weed & Feed or Triple action mixes. Best to get weed and feed separately. Fertilizer with "Weed" can kill grass or new seed. 

Another supplement is Gypsum, especially in clay soil like ours. It can help with PH balance, removes salt & helps soil for drainage.

After many years, lawns can naturally choke out oxygen, water & nutrients from reaching roots, but can be restored by Aeration & Thatching. Aerators & Thatchers are rented from home improvement retailers.
  • Aeration is making holes in your lawn that allows nutrients to reach deeper. 
  • Thatching is scraping the lawn to pull out dead grass or webs of roots that build up. 
No boats, trailers or vehicles are allowed on public rights of way (streets) more than 48 hours. No vehicle is allowed to overhang across sidewalks. No precedent will be allowed to create Avonlea into an RV park or marina. 
No boats are allowed to be stationed (parked) on anyone's property as detracts from the neighborhood topography, harmony, and aesthetics. Exceptions are made upon request for short-term maintenance.
No camping trailers or motorhomes used as a residence will be allowed at any time. Contact the HOA if any issues.
No disabled vehicles are allowed on any property or in the street, except for prompt repairs. Contact the HOA for a variance. 
Any oil or similar contamination that "can" make it to the street, must be reported ASAP.
Avonlea's street drains go directly into the Retention Ponds, Chehalis Trail ditch then Chamber's Lake, not the City system. The Federal EPA has applied fines for non-reported or non-mitigated spills.

Report vehicle or street oil spills:
City of Lacey: (360) 491-5644 or Local Police
For significant spills on the street, report to:
State Emergency Management: (800) 258-5990
National Response: (800) 424-8802
Mow, edge, and water lawns regularly to avoid a violation of the CC&Rs. The ACC will be sending Aesthetic Checklist issues to Residents and / or Owners. 
Please maintain distance from a school bus and watch for kids as some attend Summer classes. 
Only approved signs are permitted on lots, or on the Commons.
CC&Rs Article VII Section 18 restricts types, sizes and placement of signs, billboards or advertising. Allowed signs are, homes for sale or rent and political signs. Political signs are allowed just prior to, and 7 days after an election. The HOA allows yard sale signs on lots, out of the rights of way, as are usually only a couple of days. 
Basketball Hoops 
Avonlea strives to be a peaceful and safe neighborhood for everyone, including those with varying work schedules and families.
Please be mindful of excess noise, playing late or darting out in front of cars. An NCHRP study found that liability was more favorable to those who had the right of way, and that street hoops posed a high risk to kids. 
It is preferable hoops be placed on one's property or utilize the basketball hoops at Avonlea Park, under proper supervision.
Hoops have blown down in strong winds onto the street, thankfully no kids or cars were hit. It's also illegal to obstruct parked or moving vehicles in the public rights of way (sidewalk or street). 
Thank you for making Avonlea a pleasant place to live for all residents. 
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Avonlea Homeowners' Association
PO Box 3088 Lacey, WA 98509
Contact:  eForm  /  Email 
No personal phone numbers are published.
  • Please use your existing account to update info or pay dues

Dues for 2025 are $209.00.
  • Payment can be made through the website payment portal or by mail.

    Avonlea Homeowners' Association 
    PO Box 3088 Lacey, WA 98509

  • Annual dues are due January 1st. 
  • Late fee is 10% compounded per year after 30 days.

  • Non-compliance WILL result in a Fine and Property Lien filed with Thurston County which is no less than $400 and charged to the Member.

  • Claims of Lien will only be lifted, when dues & fines are paid in full and all ACC violations resolved. 
  • Board:  eFORM  -  EMAIL
  • Jason Hughes, Secretary/Treasurer
Verify your records are for the Avonlea Homeowners' Association.
Provide the HOA: 
  1. All new owner contact & email info.
  2. The Avonlea address and lot#.
  3. Owner mailing address. 
  4. Inform if owner occupied or a rental.
  5. Tenant contact info. 
  6. Management company info, if any.
  7. Date of occupancy.
  • For balances or liens, contact the Board by mail or email.
  • Claim of Liens will only be lifted, when dues & fines are paid in full and all ACC violations are resolved.

  • Provide BOTH the owners & tenants with Bylaws & CC&Rs.

  • This HOA has no fax or direct phone number.
  • This is a volunteer Board, allow reasonable time for response.
Send requests to: 
Avonlea Homeowners' Association
PO Box 3088 Lacey, WA 98509
Contact:  eForm  /  Email 
Attn: Title or Escrow Info Request