Where Does My Money Go?

Where Does My Money Go?
Annual dues are due January 1st which covers administrative costs, utilities, equipment, and landscaping maintenance of Common Areas including entrance street, children’s playground tot-lot, and wet & dry ponds. The late fee is 10% compounded per year. Payment can be made through the website’s “secure” payment process, after a Member registers.
Administrative Costs
  • Attorney Fees
  • Business, Federal & State Taxes
  • Claim of Lien Filings
  • Community Event Advertising
  • Computer & Software Updates 
  • CPA / Bookkeeping Audits
  • Liability & Property Damage Insurance
    • The Board Recommends Each Member also have HOA Assessment Insurance
  • Mailing Supplies 
  • Office Supplies
  • Postage
  • Website Fees
  • Electricity Use for Irrigation Equipment 
  • Irrigation Meter Box & Equipment
  • Irrigation Water Usage
  • Landscape Contractor, Regular Maintenance & Special Needs
  • Subcontractors: General Contractor, Trade, Specialty or Arborist
  • Community Event Signage
  • Co-Owned Fence Repairs
  • Kiosk Notice Board Maintenance
  • Mailbox Paint & Maintenance
  • Monument Brick & Lettering Maintenance
  • Ponds Entrance Posts & Chains
  • Tot Lot Equipment Maintenance & Seating
LANDSCAPING (some included in landscape contract)
Common Areas Include:
  • Dry Pond along 45th to back of homes along Ingleside Loop.
  • North side of 45th from Seville to the Chehalis Trail
  • Tot Lot at SE corner of Seville & 45th including fencing.
  • Wet Pond between the Chehalis Trail & Dry Pond
Maintenance Includes
  • Damaged Sprinkler Heads
  • Drainage Grate of Wet Pond north section & north ditch along Chehalis Trail
  • Drainage Grates & French Drain Systems along 45th
  • Fallen Tree. Limbs & Debris Removal
  • Ground Cover Including Bark Chips or Shavings and Gravel at the Tot Lot
  • Lawn Mowing, Edging, Fertilizing & Weed Control
  • Plant Bed Weeding, Bark Dust, and Regular Maintenance
  • Tree & Plant Pruning, Removal & Replacement along 45th & Ponds
Ponds Specific
  • Dredging of Debris and Noxious Plants of Wet & Dry Ponds ($10k per schedule)
  • Scheduled Pond's Aquatic & Typical Plant Maintenance at Ponds
  • Walkways, Banks, Features, and Bottom of Ponds
Property Management
Avonlea is NOT under a Property Management Company due to the generosity of current volunteers. Our Bylaws give authority to a Board to hire a management company to supervise the Association. Avonlea had been managed by several property managers RESTEC, HOMETOWN, and VANTAGE. They managed membership, accounting, compliance, and violations, sometimes through attorneysOur residents must volunteer their time to avoid increasing dues to cover these expenses.
ALERT: Due to lack of participation, the HOA may be hiring a management company again. 
Your support and time to serve as a volunteer is essential and appreciated. 
The HOA is obligated to obtain and provide Members with an annual audit report, budget, and statement of income & expenditures at the Annual Meeting. The Federal and State Covid Emergency directives have caused temporary delays to some reports. For accountability and transparency, the HOA posts financial statements on the website for Members. 
How You Can Help
There are many duties required of the Board and appreciate your support. Please pay your dues when due and consider serving the Avonlea community as a Director, Officer, or Volunteer. Thank you.
Thank you